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Can you name the items that have 'String' in their name?

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DescriptionString Thing
an active research framework in particle physics
a handheld outdoor power tool that uses a flexible monofilament line
the unripe vegetable of specific cultivated varieties of Phaseolus vulgaris
popular dairy snack that is peelable
a musical ensemble of two violin players, a violist and a cellist
a type of thong underwear or swimsuit
an old-time music or jazz ensemble, sometimes marching
sports players who do not start a game or match
a long section of connected oilfield pipe that is lowered into a wellbore
a children's toy of flexible, brightly colored, plastic string
DescriptionString Thing
a cord or rope used to close an opening in fabric
an arrangement of colored thread strung between points to form abstract geometric shapes
an album by The Kingston Trio, released in 1960
a necklace made of a hard object produced with the mantle of a living shelled mollusc
a very small or petty amount of money, or low budget
a 1960 film directed by André de Toth and starring Ernest Borgnine
joins the two ends of the stave and launches the arrow
2011 film starring Ashton Kutcher and Natilie Portman
the deepest feelings or affections
performed by Conan O'Brien before the monologue during audience applause

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