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Can you name the US States by Reverse Acronym?

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Clue for AcronymState Acronym
Manufacturer of Passat
Handheld Nintendo game system
Electronic device used to watch situation comedies and baseball games
Government's chief law enforcer and legal advisor
Keeps it chilly on hot days
Type of school equipment including video projector, PA system
US Civil War general Hill with Army fort in Viriginia named after him
A form of real-time direct text-based communication via computer
Clue for AcronymState Acronym
Boxing win in a match that doesn't go the distance
2001 Steven Spielberg sci-fi movie starring a child-like android
Before noon
Scion two-door coupe model automobile
Largest population city on US west coast
Area of California referenced in title of WB television drama
A type of intellectual property, typically a name, word, logo, or symbol

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