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QUIZ: Can you name the US State by description of its state seal?

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Description of SealState
In the center of the seal is a Gilbert Stuart portrait of a president.
The east is represented by a rising sun in the right-hand corner of the seal; to the left of it, commerce is represented by a river and a steamboat; in the foreground, agriculture.
The seal features a pelican tending its three young chicks in their nest.
The inner circle shows the mix of natural and industrial wealth. The Northern Lights radiate over the top of majestic mountains. Sailing ships navigate the waters.
The image is of the seashore with a ship at anchor near a wharf receiving hogsheads of tobacco and bales of cotton.
The eagle stands upon a globe, showing the North Atlantic Ocean. The female figures of Liberty and Justice stand upon a scroll that proclaims 'Excelsior', or 'Ever Upward'.
A grizzly bear rests at her feet and ships ply the river. The Sierra Nevada mountains rise in the background. Wildlife, agriculture, natural beauty, and commerce are represented.
An image of a man standing resolutely at the tip of a penninsula, watching the sun rise, his rifle ready. A moose and elk stand facing each other.
Description of SealState
The qualities of the beehive (industry, perseverance, thrift, stability, and self-reliance) are virtues represented.
An image of a plow, a sheaf of wheat, and a cotton plant. These were placed under the Roman numerals XVI, depicting the 16th state to join the union.
Seals approved in 1836 and again in 1839 used a five-pointed star as their central image.
The seal contains the sun's rays, a cocoa tree, a steamboat, and a female Indian scattering flowers.
The frigate Raleigh, one of the first ships that the Constitutional Congress authorized for the nation's navy, graces the center of the seal.
The seal contains the wings of the American eagle protectively stretching out over a smaller Mexican eagle.
The seal features a maritime anchor as its central image, which has been used as a symbol for hundreds of years, well before the region claimed statehood.

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