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QUIZ: Can you name the classic rock songs based on fan's interpretation of lyrics?

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Fan InterpretationSong Title
This is my favorite Nirvana song. To me everytime i hear this song I can picture my senior year playing football before the biggest game in the country.
This song was a 'Oh yeah? Well $%*@ you!' to the critics of Led Zeppelin's third album. The critics said that they didn't really rock like they used to.
This song is written about the civil and social problems in Poland at the time. Coincidently, Poland did away with marshal law that day in 1984: U2 1, Poland O
Ha, I always thought ZZ Top was saying 'touch'... no wonder I could never figure out what this song was titled.
The title was taken from a statement Ringo made while filming the movie. He was walking out of the studio after a long day of filming.
The 'education' described in the Pink Floyd song really seems to be thought control, where certain concepts are methodolically being imprinted in the minds of the students.
It saddens me however that this Kansas song sounds spiritual but is really a materialistic view that says that the universe was formed in a big bang and part of the cosmic wind.
It's about an ex of Joe Perry's that Steven Tyler particularly didn't like: 'Well I got good news she's a real good liar, cause her backstage boogie set your pants on fire.'
Great Doobie Brothers tune, very mellow. You can't help but to get an image of an old steamboat drifting down a dark, moonlit Mississippi river.
This ELO song is how a girl treats the boy she likes, like he doesn't exist. The 'hole in his head where the rain comes in' is actually a reference to the Beatles 'Fixing a Hole'.
Fan InterpretationSong Title
I love this Eagles song, and I agree that it is about two people living their lives as if there was no tomorrow, but ya know, one day they'll be right.
Back in the 60's it was a phrase people used to mean turn me on or get horny! So therefore the song was meant to signify that sex was important to the Doors.
I think this Stones classic is about someone who just plain out lost it all and feels he has nothing left and faces this by having everything dark.
People nowadays forget how steeped in Marxism the counterculture was at one time. This Who song is a skeptical reply to the opinion that revolution is around the corner.
This AC/DC song is about a man who is on the run from Death Row. 'I'm beating the flack' and 'Nobody's gonna get me on another rap' support my theory.
Every time I play this VH song, I'm reminded of my senior year in high school and my Spanish teacher, who had the most incredible *** on the face of this planet!!
This song is a good anthem for any sports team who sucks (Cubs, Eagles, Pirates, etc) as they can play this at stadiums for the fans, and I'm sure thats what Steve Perry wanted.
The song is about Baby Boomers during the Reagan era, attempting to relive their rebellious youth and make the world a better place while listening to Phil Collins and Genesis.
Every time my band played this Queen song we dedicated it to every girl we've ever dated. Sure, they got mad, but we just tell them they make the rockin' world go 'round.
As Rush points out, morning radio used to be about the MUSIC, now you are lucky to hear any songs while disc jockeys promote things - 'of salesman' money is ruining entertainment.

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