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Can you name the Entity that is runner up in these categories?

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Second in this CategoryEntityStatistic/Clue
Island - largest in size303,381 square meters
Continent - largest in size11,730,000 square miles
Country - with tallest building1,671 feet
City - largest populationIndia 13,830,884
Ocean - largest size76,762,000 square kilometer
Ocean trench - deepest30,246 feet (still not a state)
Element - most present in air20.95%
Country - largest size3,855,100
Country - highest population1,178,352,000
Mountain peak - tallest28,251 feet
Former Soviet state - largest in size2,724,900
Nation in year 1800 - highest population33,000,000
Country - highest debt190.5% of GDP
Country - highest GDP$121,400 GDP per capita (black gold!)
Country - most answered on Sporcle44% (another quiz too centric!)
Person - richest in history$298.3 billion, and owns a great deli!
Country - fastest growing economy8.7% per year
River - longest4,000 miles
Second in this CategoryEntityStatistic/Clue
NHL career goals - most801
MLB career HRs - most755
NBA points scored - most36,928
NFL QB victories - most148
Programming language - most popularyes it is, senor!
Parks with roller coasters - most16, in California
Country - wine production5,210 ML
UK #1 hits - most17
US #1 hits - most18
MLB Championships - most10
NHL Championships - most13
NBA Championships - most15
NFL Championships - most9
Football (Soccer) Clubs - richest
Country - most World Cup Championships4
Space Shuttle - most flights31
War - with most US deaths214,938

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