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Can you name the science fiction movies by character?

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Forced Order
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1968David Bowman, Frank Poole, HAL
1999Neo, Morpheus, Cypher
1984Sarah Connor, John Connor, Kyle Reese
1979Max Rockatansky, Toecutter, Johnny the Boy
1980Wedge Antilles, Boba Fett, Lando Calrissian
1984Zuul the Gatekeepeer, Dana Barrett, Stay Puft Marshmallow Man
1997Agent J, K, Bug
1996President Whitmore, Capt. Steven Hiller, Albert Nimziki
2009Christopher Pike, Sarek, Nyota Uhura
2009Parker Selfridge, Jake Sully, Dr. Grace Augustine
1980 Emperor Ming the Merciless, Dr. Hans Zarkov, Princess Aura
1981Snake Plisskin, Brain, Duke of New York
1986Stephanie Speck, Ben Jabituya, Number 5
1987Skeletor, Blade, He-man
1985Doc Brown, Marty McFly, Bif Tannen
1987Officer Alex Murphy, Officer Anne Lewis, OCP VP Richard Jones
1995Zordon, Rita Repulsa, Lord Zedd
1995Joe Dredd, Rico, Fergee
1998John Robinson, Zachary Smith, Robot
2007Optimus Prime, Megatron, Bonecrusher

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