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Can you name the answers that contains 'far' in them?

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pre-crawl text from 1977's Star Wars IV: A New Hope
popular Facebook game
a foolish show, a mockery, or a ridiculous sham
the SI unit of electrical capacitance is named after this scientist
Klinger of M*A*S*H
this can be sometimes silent, but also deadly
price to get a cab ride
one of the original Charlie's Angels, postered on many young lad's walls
language spoken in Iran, Afghanistan and other middle eastern areas
largest city in North Dakota, bordering on Minnesota
term describing a minor league baseball affiliate
popular single-panel comic created by Gary Larson
1992 adventure-drama-romance film directed by Ron Howard
1980's mega-hit song for A Flock of Seagulls
a defect of vision caused by an imperfection in the eye
Danish islands located halfway between Great Britain and Iceland
places renowned for selling locally grown and very fresh produce
leader of the Chicago-based Nation of Islam
sendoff and expression for someone leaving

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