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I got fired from my job as a ________ engineer. I just couldn't get with the program.
They tore strips off my ___ before kicking him off that logging ship. He was disembarked.
It took the replay analyst a long time to cut his _____. He did it in slo-mow.
_____ are determined to remain silent, to say the least.
If you're intent on hunting deer, make sure you have a ____ plan.
I was once camping in the mountains, when it _______. I had to runoff.
I hate the price of _____ at the movie theater. They're always raisinette.
I'm reading a book about anti-gravity. It's impossible to put ____.
A rule of grammar: ______ negatives are a no-no.
After my ___ operation I feel sound.
I've failed the ____ test so many times I lost count.
The winds of ______ are raining coins of copper, gold and silver.
I was going to look for my missing _____, but I could never find the time.
Did you hear about the nervous _________? He had sweaty psalms
Contrary to singers and guitarists, bass players are very low-___.
PunMissing Word
Tony attempted to join his thin crust pizza company with Zimo's Thick Crust Pizza, but somehow it didn't ___ out.
The food taster quit his job because he had too much on his _____.
I'll admit to not being much of a plumber so when I tried to repair my toilet I couldn't get a ______ on it.
If you want to make a good Hamlet, you gotta _____ a few legs.
If you think guests really enjoy your home ______, you are probably projecting.
When I first tried the new _____ syrup, I really had no idea what to expectorate.
I knew my wife was ________ when she looked at me with fertilize.
The mass of a ____ is measured in keelograms.
I am _______ myself I did not take up karate earlier.
I decide which ____ to drink on a case by case basis.
When a guitarist messes up, he re-______ his mistake for posterity.
I dropped a tub of _________ in the kitchen and ended up with a Parkay floor
_________ are easy to lose, so keep your eyes on them.
The _________ operator who accidentally sent the same message twice was remorseful.
I tried to learn how to _____ a stick shift but couldn't locate the manual.

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