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Band that had a 1962 hit with Twist and Shout
Baseball team with the highest winning percentage in World Series
Country that won the men's soccer gold medal in the 1996 Olympics
Animal that pulled the chariot of Norseman's Goddess of Love (Freyja)
Last name (or title) of mighty rulers that named two summer months after themselves
US Government Agency started to combat counterfeiting of money
The largest type of bear
The planet with the largest volcano
Second best selling game of all time, Swahili for 'to build'
Original color of the Great Pyramid
Baskin Robbins best selling ice cream flavor
Actress that had the most appearances on cover of Life magazine
Bakery delight that many Russian children get on their birthday
Color that Native Americans historically painted their doors to keep bad spirits out
QuestionAnswerQuick Fact
Country with largest government run employer in the world
Before 1928, these popular spinning toys were called 'bandalore' and 'joujou'
The one letter that does not appear in the periodic table of elements
19th century war that produced over 400,000 morphine addicts
Country with the most inland waters and lakes
Lubricant product that got its name for its ability of 'water displacing'
December 26th holiday started as a day to give clothing and food to the poor
Writing implement company name that is French for 'oily chalk'
Physicist, theologian, alchemist and astronomer that was a member of the British Parliament
City that constructed the first American subway system in 1896
Popular flower that comes from the Turkish word for 'turban'
Ironically, this fruit originated in the African Desert
The name of the airplane that crashed with Buddy Holly aboard

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