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Can you name the No. 1 songs based on the first letter of each word in the song title?

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LettersSong TitleYear/Artist
C A C1969/Tommy James & the Shondells
B O T W1970/Simon & Garfunkel
J T T W1971/Three Dog Night
A H W N N1972/America
B B L B1973/Jim Croce
S I T S1974/Terry Jacks
L I T S W D1975/Elton John
P T F M1976/Wild Cherry
D Q1977/Abba
B O O1978/A Taste of Honey
R M B1979/Anita Ward
C L T C L1980/Queen
K O L Y1981/REO Speedwagon
D Y W M1982/The Human League
E B Y T1983/The Police
L A V1984/Madonna
I W T K W L I1985/Foreigner
Y G L A B N1986/Bon Jovi
W L A E1987/The Bangles
N G G Y U1988/Rick Astley
E R H I T1989/Poison
V O L1990/Mariah Carey
W A M L A W1991/Michael Bolton
LettersSong TitleYear/Artist
B O W1992/Michael Jackson
I W A L Y1993/Whitney Houston
I M L T Y1994/Boyz II Men
T I H W D I1995/Montell Jordan
B Y L M1996/CĂ©line Dion
U-B M H1997/Toni Braxton
G J W I1998/Will Smith
B O M T1999/Britney Spears
W A G W2000/Christina Aguilera
U R M2001/Usher
L Y2002/Eminem
A I H2003/Jennifer Lopez
D I L I H2004/Snoop Dogg
G D2005/Kanye West
Y B2006/James Blunt
M M W2007/Maroon 5
I K A G2008/Katy Perry
M L W S W Y2009/Kelly Clarkson
J T W Y A2010/Bruno Mars
B T W2011/Lady Gaga
S F T T R2012/Adele
J G M A R2013/Pink

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