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Can you name the sports team name from the three examples listed?

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ExamplesTeam Name
Paul Revere, Patrick Henry, Samuel Adams
Sloth, Black, Polar
Conduction, Convection, Radiation
Slab, Sluff, Chevrolet
White, Barbary, Transvaal
Patrick, Thomas, Joan of Arc
Ring carrier, Two-stroke, Monotherm
Kronos, Koios, Krios
Thomas Paine, Jan de Bouff, Calico Jack
Goliath, Hercules, Atlas
James Marshall, John Sutter, Samuel Brannan
Junipero Serra, Juan Crespí, Francisco Gómez
William Clark, John Braden, Meriwether Lewis
Candle, Blue, Adiabatic
Osprey, Skua, Sikorsky SH-60
ExamplesTeam Name
Stephen F. Austin, Davy Crockett, John B. Connally, Jr.
X, UV, Gamma
Delta, Chicago, Texas
Drag, Fishing, Trawl
Belichick, Gates, Dollar
Nail, Hair, Hedge
Gene Autry, Theodore Roosevelt, Marlboro Man
Andrew Carnegie, Lakshmi Mittal, James H. Laughlin
Melon Headed, Rough Toothed, Bottlenose
Fusion, Bossa Nova, Smooth
Popeye, Ancient, Christopher Columbus
Tecumseh, Geronimo, Sitting Bull
Faustus, Agrippa, Merlin
Spot-breasted, Hooded, Orchard
Chicken, Gold, Platinum

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