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Can you name the geographical location of the Big-4 Sports teams?

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sports city closest to Apollo 11 launch site
city that has hosted teams in all 4 sports the longest
city that lost its 4 sport status in 1980 but regained it in 1999
southernmost sports city
sports cities with teams that play in 2 different states
sports city closest to the Rio Grande
sports cities with only a team in the NFL
US sports cities with only a team in the NHL
US state with no team in the 4 sports, but regularly hosts an all-star game
sports city closest to US/Canadian border
sports city with more than one team in 3 different sports
northernmost sports city
sports city closest to site of 1980 Winter Olympics
state with most big 4 sports teams
sports city that most recently obtained teams in all 4 sports
easternmost sports city
only 4 sport city that starts with a vowel
westernmost sports city
sports city closest to where George Washington crossed the Delaware
most populous state that does not have teams in all 4 sports
most populous state that does not have teams in any of the 4 sports
sports city that lost 4-sport status in 1995 and never regained it
sports city closest to Mt. Rushmore
city that inherited a Canadian NBA team in 2001
city with teams in all 4 sports for the shortest time period (1 season)
would have been a 4 sport city if American Basketball Association was considered
only state with teams in 4 sports, and not in same metro area
least populous state to have a team in all 4 sports
sports city closest to Mount St. Helens
city that temporarily hosted an NBA team during aftermath of Katrina
sports city whose team was purchased by the NHL in 2009
first city outside the US to win the World Series
sports city closest to US/Mexican border
province with most big 4 sports teams
sports city closest to St. Lawrence River
sports city located at intersection of I-43 and I-94
sport city home of multiple famous wins by Unser, Mears, Castroneves
sports city closest to Yellowstone Park

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