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Forced Order
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small device that assists with interface between humans and computers
ridiculous; silly; wacky; nutty
1980's hair metal band
American sitcom (1976-1985) starring Linda Lavin working at Mel's Diner
NASA's program that culminated on the moon
explorer who established the first permanent English settlement in North America
brand of food spread that comes crunchy or creamy
the second most massive known dwarf planet in the Solar System
what you become after eating a big Thansgiving dinner
one complete movement of the needle or other implement used in knitting
a judge of Israel and conqueror of the Midianites
a celebrated hero, the son of zeus and Alcmene, possessing exceptional strength
a son with the same first name as their father
feminine-themed Styx's first hit song, and Kenny Rogers hit song
slang term for southpaw baseball pitcher
youngest Simpsons sibling
the animals of a given region or period considered as a whole
a European, marine flatfish, Platichthys flesus
the third Gospel book
Mork's companion
American author Hawthorne, who wrote The House of the Seven Gables
SI derived unit of pressure, internal pressure, stress
young swine
popular water ice retailer
The Police's first smash hit in the US

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