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Can you name the compound words by combining words from the clues?

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1st WordCompound Word2nd Word
end of lifefurniture to sleep on
not undermovement of water in a river
furniture to eat oneating utensil
not frontearth, wind and ____
can be boiled or scrambledflora
not stalenot a woman
to break or chip offtackle the quarterback
not into smash or fracture
oceanbottom materialpub or tavern
rung of a laddernot mother
not overstomach
boar, hoginked writing implement
cooking vesseldepression in a surface
area within a houseship's crew worker
not feeling wellwater landside of ocean
1st WordCompound Word2nd Word
footwearmaterial for doily
earth's source of lightto get out of bed
sweetener from canepurple pitted fruit
pointed edgefoot digit
not bottomdirt, earth
not downlion's vocals
not peacedoor security device
blowing airwhat a hot surface can do
not beforepartner subject to science
musical groupwheeled horse drawn vehicle
bovinenot a girl
watchful organto see in person
hand digitused with a hammer
water over a riverbankopening in fence

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