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Start of ClicheEnd of ClicheDescription
a no-requires little intelligence to understand
a fate worse thanmisfortune that would make life unlivable
a riddle wrapped up in andifficult to solve puzzle
a skeleton in thea secret source of shame
a stone'sshort distance
all fingers andclumsy
an illnegative affect
one fellsuddenly; in a single action
as pleased ashappy expression from old puppet show
batten down theprepare for trouble
life's not all beer andexpression about life at an English pub
between you, me and thea secret
blow your ownact in a boastful, self-promoting manner
bottoma place where valuables are stored
bring home theto earn money
Browniekudos for performing some creditable act
butter sidea pessimistic view of life
by hook or byby whatever means necessary
in the catbirdin a superior or advantageous position
cook thedistorting of financial records
cut theto succeed; to come up to expectations
cop anadopt an aggressive or antagonistic bearing
Davy Jones'the resting place of drowned mariners
deadan exact duplicate
dead as adevoid of life
Start of ClicheEnd of ClicheDescription
dollars toa sure or certain thing
down thewasted and unrecoverable
dropping likefalling down ill or dead in large numbers
I'll eat mydisplay of confidence in a particular outcome
Elvis has left thethe show is over
face theaccept the consequences of one's actions
fall on yourcommit suicide or offer your resignation
feedingaggressive attack on prey by sharks
fish or cutput up or shut up
flash in thesomething shortlived or that does not deliver value
fly in thesmall but irritating flaw that spoils the whole thing
fly off thelose self control
for thetrivial or worthless
fruits of yourone's children
funnymental institution
get down to brassengage with the basic facts or realities
get your danderbecome annoyed or angry
give noshow no mercy or concession
going to hell in ato be on a course for disaster
go by thefinished with, over
good aswell-behaved and obedient
hand overquickly and continuously
harbinger ofa sign of bad things to come
have an axe toa dispute to take up with someone
high on theaffluent and luxurious

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