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Movie descriptions Common Word % Correct
Animated characters play basketball vs. aliens; Mysterious artifact found buried on the moon; Company workers who hate their jobsSpace
BB gun is the perfect gift; Andy loves playing with his 'unique' toys; Wacky weatherman wins over an English newspaper reporterStory
Former German SS dentist tortures US student; Savant Raymond and his math; Tony builds an armored suit Man
Spends his time being mistaken for a messiah; Saving the colony from greedy grasshoppers; Story of what it would have been like if he never existedLife
Lives of prison guards working on death row; Overpopulated futuristic earth with revolutionary new foodstuff; Col. Mike Kirby kidnaps a North Vietnamese general Green
Two hunter-gatherers encounter Biblical characters; A NASA Mars mission is faked; Hijackers seize the plane carrying the President One
Students hi-jack a plow to keep school closed; Miami dentist in an arctic challenge; The queen feeds her a poison appleSnow
Turbulent love affair during Civil War; Supernatural event while driving a desert road; Steal 50 cars in one night Gone
Movie descriptions Common Word % Correct
Rival NYC gang members fall in love; Two best hired guns save President Grant; Mistaken for a government agent and pursued across USWest
The world is overrun by zombies; Must save planet against superior alien technology; A man robs a bank and it turns into a hostage situationDay
She takes over her daughter's Wilderness Girl troop; Rednecks strike it rich; Detroit cop pursues a murder investigation Beverly
Eight very different couples in various relationship tales; Tom asks his four best friends to witness the popping of the question; Pitka returns to US to start self-help businessLove
Fat woman becomes a revenging monster; Former biotech executive impregnates wealthy lesbians; Turning an unattractive girl into prom queenShe
Single man takes care of his precocious daughter; A secretary's idea is stolen by her boss; 18-month stay at a mental hospitalGirl
Reverend Biggs' marriage to choir mistress is in trouble; NASA's Streck has difficulty recovering from a space occurence; A clairvoyant thinks she's met her husband to beWife

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