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Can you name the college based on words within their name?

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Forced Order
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word clueCollege nameword within name
something you get into by doing the same thing over and over again
first name of 1992 independent presidential candidate Perot
what happens to skin when subjected to a very hot substance
not quite the King yet
you can't listen unless you shut this first
placed in drinks to keep them cool
brown and pale are popular types of this beer variant
Type of vehicle the A-team used to drive around in
Crop that can be mashed, creamed and popped
On drugs or flying at 30,000 feet
Slang for an athlete at the highest level of a sport
a synonym for 'however'
Wisteria for TV show Desparate Housewives
PBS TV show or explosion involving a white dwarf star
how a bunny gets around
word clueCollege nameword within name
comedian Philips or type of music played by Jimmy Eat World
slang term for a woman or a female title of rank equivalent to Sir
occupation of a person who lays bricks
type of printer ink cartridge that supplements black
first name of White Men Can't Jump and Blade star
close this part of the fence so the dog doesn't get out
Goliath's last opponent
you get more bang for this at a discount store
in high-pressure situations, this is on
author of 13 epistles (letters) in the New Testament
where they keep the chickens
gasoline brand owned by oil billionaire Sir John Paul
not quite old yet
cap, beret, sombrero and fedora are types
producer of Mustang, Taurus and F-150

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