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Forced Order
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Type of 'ring' that failed on the space shuttle Challenger
Type of 'beam' that holds up a bridge
Opposite 'side' of a hit record
'Span' network that covers US government actions
Type of 'wing' fighter spacecraft in Star Wars movie
A '4' club focused on farming and agricultural
'Mail' you get on your PC
'Troop' highlighted in 1960's TV show
Mr. T's 'team'
'Mart' that has closed many stores recently
'Cup' for well endowed women
'3' or '4' network for cell phones
'Geils' whose band had hits with Love Stinks and Centerfold
James Bond character who develops gadgets
'Mobile' cell phone company
'Tech' electronics company that specializes in children's computers
'2' band with lead singer Bono
Common 'trap' term for under-sink drain plumbing
'Value' for rating of home insulation
'3' company famous for Scotch Tape

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