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Can you name the words from the building block words within?

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Word 1
engrave in glass or metal 
sailing ship with two masts 
to loosely draw freehand 
Word 2
remains of food left from a meal 
organized game by league 
send via car, train, boat 
Word 3
symbol for element Actinon 
insect on a farm 
Word 4
symbol for element Lithium 
cover for jar or pot 
firm, hard, or compact  
unity of interests or sympathies 
Word 5
reached destination 
spoiled person 
rejoicing occassion 
Word 6
light brown 
body position while standing 
opposition, obstinacy, defiance 
Word 7
Cousin on Addams Family 
egg of a parasitic insect 
the least positive integer 
group whose members reside in a locality 
Word 8
14th letter of alphabet (spelled) 
ink writing implement 
to use up 
not worth keeping or maintaining 
Word 9
dry, not sweet 
subdivision of larger religious group  
to divide by passing through  
crossing of two roads 
Word 10
Norse god of thunder 
a maker or writer 
Word 11
ingested food 
not on time 
to make happy or proud 
arrived after the anticipated time 
Word 12
average on golf score 
to slice off a fruit skin 
mom or dad 
see through 
Word 13
part of the human psyche 
to remove or clear 
a chain of hills or mountains 
to span from one side to another 
to reduce or diminish 
Word 14
intense anger 
dreadful or terrible 
to instruct or point 
GPS or map instruction 
Word 15
to traverse or wander about 
to confirm the truth  
to make better 
a home project or fix 
Word 17
19th letter of alphabet (spelled) 
to flatten or make smooth 
to put into words 
Word 18
class or field using painting/drawing skills  
a portion or division of a whole  
to take part in 
Word 19
well-liked amongst a favored group 
metallic element [Sn] 
projecting point or prong 
detailed plan for a journey 
Word 20
Chinese bronze vessel food container 
enjoyment or playfulness 
a supply of money  
to give back or restore  
Bonus Word
otherwise, else 
any of several cetaceans 
meat from a domestic hog 
addictive website 

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