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Can you name the words that Bostonians pronounce funny?

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vehicle on highway
what you do with vehicle when you get to a destination
Ivy League college in town
the sun is one
type of thick soup
not premium gas
country that is south of Florida
furniture for storing clothes in bedroom
number of days it rained for Noah
someone from out of state or country
refuse, trash or waste
toasted sub sandwich
someone who runs a city
type of dangerous shark or whale
small spheres used in Chinese Checkers
365 or 366 days
term used in formally addressing a man
not this one, but the.....
at this location
at a different location
a 'cold one' you open at a party (potty)
a room where pool is played
a shape with even and perpendicular sides
people in a play or book
a get together with eating and drinking
a small tray that large food quantities are served on
gay or odd
expensive seafood served with drawn butter
female parent
deli product with meat and cheese on bread
absolutely certain
teacher at a college
meal served around 6 pm
where grapes are grown

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