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Can you name the Big 4 animal teams by their genus and species?

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Genus speciesTeam NameLeague
Lynx rufusNBA
Accipiter ventralis NBA
Ursus arctos horribilisNBA
Canis lupusNBA
Odocoileus virginianusNBA
Bos taurusNBA
Utahraptor ostrommaysorumNBA
Oriolus galbulaMLB
Panthera tigrisMLB
Tetrapturus albidusMLB
Cyanocitta cristataMLB
Manta birostrisMLB
Crotalus atroxMLB
Ursus americanusMLB
Equus ferusMLB
Cardinalis sinuatusMLB
Anas rubripesNHL
Ursus arctosNHL
Genus speciesTeam NameLeague
Carcharodon carchariasNHL
Pygoscelis antarcticaNHL
Canis latransNHL
Panthera pardusNHL
Cardinalis sinuatusNFL
Ovis ariesNFL
Pandion haliaetusNFL
Haliaeetus leucocephalusNFL
Falco peregrinusNFL
Corvus coraxNFL
Tursiops truncatusNFL
Panthera oncaNFL
Panthera tigris tigrisNFL
Equus ferus caballusNFL
Panthera leoNFL
Equus ferusNFL
Panthera pardusNFL

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