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Can you name the best selling albums based on definitions of the words in the title?

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DefinitionsAlbum TitleNo. Words
an exciting, suspenseful play or story1
the rear part of the human body | IN | lacking hue and brightness3
THE | not pale or fair | lateral surface of an object | OF | THE | earth's natural satellite6
wooden club used in certain games | away from | OF | state of torment 4
a period of 1000 years1
stories or statements in general circulation without confirmation1
to arrive by movement | ON | above in authority, rank, power3
having ragged notches, points, or teeth | small in size | form of medicine3
army officer rank above corporal | plant of the genus Piper | without company | organs of blood circulation | a heavy stick | group functioning together6
dropping or descending | in the direction of | pronoun of the second person3
an art of sound in time | a container, usually rectangular2
perilous, risky, hazardous, unsafe 1
LET'S | to communicate by speaking | of, concerning, in regard to | passionate affection for another4
DefinitionsAlbum TitleNo. Words
supernatural, incorporeal beings | possessing or owning | having been transported through the air3
brought forth by birth | IN | THE | federal republic consisting of 50 states and District of Columbia4
male siblings | IN | upper limbs from the shoulder to the elbow3
of poor or inferior quality, defective, deficient1
THE | hard vertical surface used to subdivide interior space2
attention; heed; notice, usually used in negative constructions; pay him no ________1
a roadway in a town remote from the main roads | the rear part of the human body 2
liable to cause sliding, as ice, oil, a wet surface | at what time or period? | soaked with liquid3
a desire for food or drink | intended to belong to | the act of destroying3
of, pertaining to, characteristic of, or attributed to God or a deity1
a newborn | a single unit | a greater quantity | a limited period or interval4
a fabric upon which colored threads are woven by hand to produce a design, often pictorial, used for wall hangings, furniture coverings, etc. 1

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