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Can you name the baseball players who suffered bizarre injuries?

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Bizarre InjuryLast NameTeam [First Name]
Cut his hand on a bra strap.Giants Manager (1985-1992) [Roger]
Got athlete's foot caused by tying his shoes too tight.Tigers C (1991-1997) [Mickey]
Pulled a muscle while picking up his lunch tray.Braves LF/1B (1992-1999) [Ryan]
Missed a game after rubbing chili juice in his eye. Marlins 2B (1993-1994) [Bret]
Couldn't pinch hit because he had returned to the clubhouse to play Nintendo.Mariners SS (1986-1988) [Rey]
Injured himself while pulling on his cowboy boots.Red Sox 3B (1982-1992) [Wade]
Injured himself while eating a cupcake. Giants LF/3B (1987-1991) [Kevin]
Missed a game after suffering a pinched testicle from his protective cup.Mariners CF (1989-1999) [Ken]
Sliced his hand while attempting to butter his roll.Rangers CF (1985-1988) [Oddibe]
Suffered cuts after smashing a glass table while dreaming he was being attacked by spider.Blue Jays OF/DH (1989-1991) [Glenallen]
Separated his shoulder while waving a teammate home and then high-fiving him.Braves LF (1980-1986) [Terry]
Missed a game because of frostbite, in August.Blue Jays LF (1993) [Rickey]
Injured his hand after sticking it in an air conditioner to find out why it wasn't working.Orioles Utility (1994-1996) [Mark]
Missed a game in 1974 because he couldn't blink.Cubs OF (1972-1977) [Jose]
Bizarre InjuryLast NameTeam [First Name]
Broke his toe running from the kitchen to the TV to watch Bill Buckner hit.Royals 3B (1973-1993) [George]
Missed the 1985 World Series after getting rolled up in the tarp machine.Cardinals LF (1985-1990) [Vince]
Burned his chest while ironing a shirt, which he was still wearing.Braves SP/RP (1988-2008) [John]
Broke a rib in 1992 after vomiting up airplane food.Braves SP (1987-2002) [Tom]
Missed a start after being bitten on his hand by a coyote.Astros SP (1980-1988) [Nolan]
Broke his nose in a car accident while trying to pass the team bus.Expos SP (1995-1998) [Carlos]
Missed a start when Vince Coleman accidentally struck him with a golf club.MetsSP (1984-1994) [Dwight]
Dislocated his shoulder attempting to tear a phone book in half.Brewers SP (1995-1996) [Steve]
Broke his pinky shaking hands.Rangers SP (1980-1990) [Charlie]
Injured in 2000 while changing channels on the clubhouse TV.Marlins RP (2000-2001) [Ricky]
Injured his wrist while flicking sunflower seeds in the dugout.Rangers RP (1985-1987) [Greg]
Broke his hand while punching a trash can after stabbing himself in the leg trying to open a package.Athletics RP (1999-2001) [Jason]
Fell and broke his wrist washing his truck.Giants 2B (1997-2002) [Jeff]

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