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Can you answer the math equations using sports stars jersey numbers?

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Jackie Robinson - Derek Jeter
Magic Johnson + Lawrence Taylor
Joe DiMaggio x Bill Russell
(Deion Sanders + Ozzie Smith) / 2
(Troy Aikman + Robert Parish) x 3
Jeff Gordon / Julius Irving
(Mickey Mantle x Moses Malone) / 2
(Luc Robitaille + Fran Tarkenton) / 3
Wayne Gretzky + Warren Moon
Tony Dorsett / Babe Ruth
Hank Aaron - Peyton Manning
Larry Bird + Emmitt Smith
(John Elway - Dwayne Wade) + Brett Hull
Walt Frazier x Bart Starr
(Pete Rose / 2) x Dale Earnhardt
Barry Sanders + John Stockton
(Michael Jordan - Allen Iverson) / Lou Gehrig
Marshall Faulk + Greg Maddux
(Wade Boggs + Wilt Chamberlain) / 3
Gale Sayers - Roberto Clemente
(Willie Mays - Kobe Bryant) + Walter Payton
(Barry Bonds + Martin Brodeur) / Isiah Thomas
Tom Brady + Willis Reed
(Dizzy Dean + Dan Marino) x 2
(Jerry Rice / 4) + Drew Brees
(Curt Schilling - Steve Young) x 3
Johnny Unitas + Gordie Howe
Dirk Nowitzki + Eric Dickerson
Richard Petty - Joe Montana
Jerome Bettis + Larry Csonka

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