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Can you name the various areas or rooms inside a house?

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First Letter/ClueArea or Room
B - REM is my favorite band
B - rubber ducky's address
K - this area is usually in 'range'
D - you can ring my bell
L - I better 'couch' this clue well
D - Chicago Cubs are in the house
S - this will not get you 'to heaven'
A - I'm glad you 'entered' this contest
G - many bands started here
A - Aerosmith sings about toys here
B - 'bargains' can be found here
L - it's okay to 'shout out' here
W - don't be such a 'tool'
C - some eventually 'come out' of this area
S - this place could be your 'shining' moment here
First Letter/ClueArea or Room
T - complete with sticky floors?
G - this may have a 'wall of china'
B - Dean Martin's favorite hangout......hic....
O - join Lonny, Madge and Jerry there
G - Arnold was here
F - Sister Sledge is all that
P - dogs can't sweat - they do something else
P - don't do that letter here
S - as Henley sang, the heat is on
G - I love a good burger from 'checkers'
G - are the in-laws still here??
C - a different 'key' is is used in this room
L - those are very some ambitious goals
W - this place gets better with age

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