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Synonym DescriptionAcronymAcronym Description
Homo-sapiens for the Righteous Management of Beasts
Drape One's Posterior
Countrywide System of Ladies
Attained Resistant Inadequacy Pattern
Carrier Affiliation Digit
Luminous-energy Discharging Rectifier
Haphazard Admittance Retention
Standstill Among Tranquility
Internee Among Hostilities
Inasmuch One's Knowledge
Unclassified Fluttering Gizmo
Acumen Computation
Expired At Entrance
Chow Equipped for Ingestion
Sowbelly, Leafy-greens, Lycopersicon
Axial Cleverness Department
Mechanized Cashier Thingamabob 
Habitually Quizzed Inquisitions
Globe Grappling Amalgamation
Widespread Announcing Organization
Abode Crate Workstation
Barrier Avenue Chronicle
Cruising While Looped
District Bettering Method
Electronic Film Chronicler

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