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1) PlaceAlso known as Rapa Nui, it is remotely located 2,000 miles off the coast of Tahiti. The original settlers of the island were Polynesians who migrated to the far-off land between 400 and 600 BC.
2) PlaceIt originates from the Muisca, who lived in the modern country of Colombia from 1000 to 1538 AD. In a ritual ceremony for their goddess, the tribal chief would cover himself in gold dust and jump into a lake as an offering. This spawned the legend of a lost golden city.
3) PlaceThe area got its name after 28 Navy airmen vanished from the devilish spot during a routine flight in 1945.
4) PeopleDespite their vast achievements, even this South American society's 40,000 manned army was no match for 180 Spanish conquistadors armed with advanced weapons and smallpox.
5) People or PlaceDecember 2012 marks the ending of the current baktun cycle. This little bit of information has many archeologists spooked.
6) People or ObjectThey cover more than 190 square miles in the southern deserts of Peru. Some believe they are extraterrestrial in nature, while others claim they may have carried and pointed to sources of water.
7) PlaceIn the middle east, they were built as elaborate tombs for divine kings, dating back to 2,550 BC
8) PlaceAlso in the middle east, it was carved from soft limestone, and has been slowly falling apart over the years. A popular theory of the missing nose claims Napoleon’s soldiers shot it off with a cannon in 1798
9) BeingIt became an English wonder in 1933, after witness accounts made newspaper headlines. No hard evidence of the creature has ever been recorded with several pictures being proven as hoaxes.
10) PlaceLocated on Groom Lake in southern Nevada, it was founded in 1955 by the U.S. Air Force to develop and test new aircrafts. The secretive nature of the military base, helped conspiracy theorists imagine a place filled with time-travel experimentation and UFO coverups.
11) PlaceAt Salisbury Plain, England, before foreigners with cameras showed up, the area may have been a burial ground and ceremonial den dating back 5,000 years.
12) PlaceThis place was introduced to the West 2,400 years ago by Plato, who claimed it to be the island home of an advanced society. Legend says it was sunk by an earthquake, with later interpretations as an underwater kingdom protected by mermaids.
13) PlaceDon Juan Ponce de Leon completed Spain’s claim on America in 1509, and soon after he traveled north to the island of Bimini in search of .a place where the water was claimed to have healing properties.
14) ObjectThe casket was carried throughout the desert and remained in the Israelite Temple until its destruction by the hand of the Babylonian Empire. Its whereabouts are still unknown
15) BeingA strange-looking animal, first reported in Puerto Rico in 1995, apparently has a taste for chicken and goat blood. Although many pictures might prove its existence, biologists assure none such creature exists.
16) ObjectIt is 1,600-years old, 22 feet high and located in the Qutb complex in India. It is made from 98% wrought iron, and has been astounding scientists by its ability to resist corrosion.
17) ObjectDiscovered in the early 1940s in Costa Rica , these objects date from 600 AD to the 16th century. Many believe them to be some religious effigy made to worship the sun.
18) EventIt occurred on June 30, 1908. The exact cause of this forest-damaging event remains a heated debate. Most believe it to be caused by a meteoroid fragment, a black hole or UFO origin.
19) BeingThis humanoid with insect wings and crimson eyes terrorized Point Pleasant, W.Va., during the late 1960s. No solid evidence exists of the creature, except for a handful of witness reports.
20) BeingAccording to legend, 250 years ago Mrs. Leeds of New Jersey cried out in despair during her 13th pregnancy, and then the baby was revealed to be a kangaroo-like creature with wings, and flew away to cause all sorts of mischief.

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