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Can you name the 19th century invention which came first?

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InventionsFirst To Be InventedDates of Invention/Patenting
modern matches (1A), sewing machine (1B)
typewriter (2A), miner's lamp (2B)
stethoscope (3A), safety pin (3B)
cylinder lock (4A), sewing machine (4B)
portable movie camera (5A), dishwasher (5B)
Coca Cola (6A), metal detector (6B)
modern seismograph (7A), zipper (7B)
tin can (8A), toy balloon (8B)
braille printing (9A), soda fountain (9B)
electric dynamo (10A), wrench (10B)
revolver (11A), manned glider (11B)
gas lighting (12A), dynamite (12B)
tungsten steel (13A), battery (13B)
torpedo (14A), barbed wire (14B)
metal windmill (15A), steam locomotive (15B)
plastic surgery (16A), Portland cement (16B)
electromagnet (17A), telephone (17B)
moving picture (18A), propellor (18B)
Morse Code (19A), antisceptics (19B)
rayon (20A), carpet sweeper (20B)

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