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Can you name the 13 biggest jerks in the Baseball Hall of Fame?

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Years in MLBJerkWhy they are a jerk
1905-1928This centerfielder injured a lot of opponent's legs by sliding in spikes high, and also went into stands to attack a heckler.
1920-1944As MLB's first commissioner, he banned every single member of the Black Sox scandal, and propogated segregation.
1891-1906As a player, he regularly tripped baserunners, and as the Giants' manager he was ejected a record 118 times.
1871-1897Known as 'pop', he organized a strike in 1885 to get African American players taken of the roster, and constantly cursed at umpires.
1915-1937An infielder who was always critical of teammates, and made disparaging comments about Roger Maris holding the HR record with a .270 lifetime batting average.
1967-1987His Yankee manager despised him and his catcher hated him. He had one of the biggest egos in baseball history.
1979-2003This speedster often talked in the third person, which rubbed a lot of people the wrong way.
Years in MLBJerkWhy they are a jerk
1976-1996This manager went on a foul-mouthed tirade when asked what he thought about Dave Kingman's performance, after he hit 3 HRs to beat his team.
1960-1975During a brawl after a brushback incident, this pitcher struck Johnny Roseboro with a bat, requiring 14 stitches.
1914-1935This slugger was a drunk and a womanizer.
1974-1989An outfielder who constantly clashed with reporters (Boston and national) in the 1970's and 1980's.
1939-1960He was an superb hitter, but was ill-tempered with the media and fans, and refused curtain calls from the Red Sox fans.
1988-2004This second basesman will always be known for a 1996 incident during which he spit on an umpire.

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