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*Primary songwriter's first name*
Edison Arantes do Nascimento
Type of grant
*The Who ____ Out*
The Man Who ____ to Eath (Bowie film)
*See Me, ____ Me*
This noun becomes a verb when a fish is attached to one end of it
*1967 mini-opera*
Bars that assist in balance and safety
*Pete Townshend's favorite mode of travel*
____ Simone, comic book writer
Rhythm to a walk
John ____, Atlas Shrugged character
Best friend is pepper
In____ (also a famous Norwegian novel and film)
*Zoot ___* (Pre-Who, the High Numbers' first song)
I am in French
Detergent's effectiveness, visually
*Odds & ____*
*The early Who's audience*
Bovine communication
*'I'm the greatest Keith ____ type drummer in the world'*
No bearing on reality, used by law students for exercise
Internet cheer, spelled with letters
*____ Get Fooled Again*
*'I ____ it, I ____ it, I ____ it.' ' You can't have it!'*
City in Pakistan
Eric ____, Australian actor
*____ O'Riley*

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