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ad segment or sloganproductmore marketing
'You'll wonder where the yellow went...'
'See the USA in your...'
'Dual filter, dual filter, dual filter...''the taste worth fighting for...'
micronite filter
'Does she or doesn't she?'
'Let ... put you in the driver's seat''Let ... take you anywhere at all'
'A little dab'll do ya...''you'll look so debonair'
'Hey mikey, he likes it!'
'Have it your way''Special orders don't upset us'
Koala says 'I hate...'
'You can trust your car to the man who wears the star...''the big bright... star'
'Beautiful hair...'
'Uncle Sam wants you!'
ad segment or sloganproductmore marketing
'99 and 44/100% pure...'
'... is that heavenly coffee, better coffee a millionaire's money can't buy'
'His master's voice'
'You're in good hands'
'LSMFT ... means fine tobacco'
'Hey Mabel! Black label...'
'Because I'm worth it...'
'Brusha, brusha, brusha...'Bucky Beaver
'White glove service'
'We try harder'
'... is your kind of place''It's such a happy place'
'... ...., tastes great, we love ....''Can't wait!'

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