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The original of a character, symbol, image, or situation
A character that develops over the course of the work
A character that stays the same over the course of the work
A sudden realization (lightbulb moment)
Why a character does what they do
The commonly understood meaning of a word
The dictionary meaning of a word
Words that appeal to the five senses
Can be internal or external; a clash of some sort
Hints at something to come later on
Refers to something that happened in the past
An all-knowing point of view
the location in which the story takes place
the central message of the story
speaking to someone who is unable to answer
a direct comparison of two things
an indirect comparison of two things
A contradiction in terms (two unlike words)
Something seems impossible but still happens
Giving human characteristics to something inanimate or inhuman
A reference to something from history or literature
an exaggeration
When the audience knows something the characters do not
When you say something but mean something else
When you expect one thing to happen but the opposite does
The use of irony to mock something
The words an author chooses
The placement of an author's words
A phrase that literally does not translate its meaning
A way to say something in a more gentle or lighthearted manner
Referring to part of something as a way to name the whole
Using an attribute to describe something
Repeating of consonant sounds at the start of words
using words to describe sounds
Using something to stand for something else
Making something seem smaller than it is
When one character has an attribute so strong it makes another look strongly the opposite
The author's attitude toward the topic
An argument centered in logic
An argument centered in emotion
An argument centered on the trustworthiness of the speaker

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