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world's most famous mouse1928
world's most famous mouse's girlfriend1928
world's most famous mouse's best friend1934
world's most famous mouse's tall friend1932
world's most famous mouse's pet1930
princess who wears glass shoes1951
princess who live with seven dwarves1937
green amphibian in which a pig has a crush on1955
Peter Pan's little friend1953
purple dragon from Epcot1983
bunny who was framed1988
to infinity and beyond!1995
lost clownfish2003
rookie racecar2006
bear from a movie with Uncle Remus1946
monkey-loving dinosaur2000
brave ant1998
hilarious Chinese dragon1998
amazing boy from animated Disney Channel show2007
bear who has a craving for honey1966
gun-firing Mexican rooster1944
pop star with a wig2005

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