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Can you find out who these Harry Potter characters are based on the clues given?

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Saved Harry's life in Forbidden Forest in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
Taught Muggle Studies at Hogwarts before becoming a teacher for the Defense Against Dark Arts
Worked at Borgin and Burke's after graduating from Hogwarts
Successor of Professor Kettleburn
Hogwarts professor and a former duelling champion
Ravenclaw's seeker in Harry's third year
A Weasley family member who was also a crazy fan of singer Celestina Warbeck
Dated Penelope Clearwater
His mom, a beautiful witch, has been widowed seven times
This Slytherin can see thestrals
Head of Auror's Office until 1996
Sent Harry Nimbus 2000
Casted imperius curse on Katie Bell
Along with Demelza Robins, recruited as chasers on Gryfinddor's team in Harry's 6th year
Had code name 'Royal' on Potterwatch
The murderer of Molly's brothers and Lupin
Angelina Johnson's husband
His grandfather died of dragon pox
A gift from Sirius to Ron
The one who took the 'Kwikspell' course
Worked under King Henry VII
Helped Harry with his History of Magic homework, worked at Diagon Alley
Killed Evan Rosier at the end of 1st Wizarding War
His corpse was transfigured into a bone
The 'Goblin Crusher' according to the Quibbler
His boggart turned into a banshee
He was deeply offended by Xenophilius's outfit at Bill and Fleur's wedding
Travelled with her family to Sweden during summer break from school
Hid cooking sherry in Room of Requirement
Had a pet rabbit named Binky
Supported West Ham United
Failed the 'Stealth and Tracking' course for Aurors
A Gryffindor invited to Slughorn's compartment C but wasn't included in the Slug's Club in Harry's year
Sent the dementors to Little Whinging at the beginning of Harry's 5th year
The memory of whom helped us learn about the two horcruxes (locket and cup)
Female Ravenclaw prefect in Harry's year
This student loved Arithmancy, but hated Divination
Mastered the 'Bat-Bogey Hex' extremely well
He left his eyebrow behind when trying to apparate in Apparition class
Sent baby Harry a 'toy broomstick' for his 1st birthday
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