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paying for something with borrowed money
a set of credit card transactions from a day
special offers avaialbe for spending money on certain credit cards
a summary of your activity for a time period
a popular brand of credit card
another popular brand of credit card
a store that accepts a credit card
annual percentage rate
yearly fee charged to have a credit card
interest rate charged initially for a short period of time
using money that is not yours
a number that represents how good your credit is
a summary of your credit history
a credit reporting agency
another credit reporting agency
another credit reporting agency
what you pay to borrow money
over the limit or late____
owing money to someone else
losing value
length of a loan
where you keep you money
16-19 digits on your cred card
the date your card becomes inactive
messenger between a merchant and a credit card issuer
the bank that issues the credit card
preferred method of debt repayment

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