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Name The SEVENTEEN (KPOP) Songs By Just The English Lyrics

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Forced Order
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I know I’m only 17 I only got a few dollars 
I wanna be your morning baby 
Baby, it’s all right, I’ll call you mine 
Jamming mouths up Like bad traffic rush hour rapping 
Baby You’re My Angel 
Throw it in the air, You know I can’t get any better than this babe 
Yo $. Coup$, Here’s the baton, Man, Vernon yeah Pull up on you wacks With a Mac fully loaded 
I want you to say my name 
My love my love my love, I’m waiting just for u 
Yeh Uh They’re like ocean waves, Yup uh man I’m livin it, Like ocean waves 
Girl I know wassup on your mind Stop fronting and tell me 
You take me to the top and straight down like a gyro drop 
Oh yeah Put your hands up, Oh yeah What the Funk yo~ (WOOZI switch it up) Thumbs up, But they ain’t got no guts dino 
Yeah I gotta slam dunk  
Listen my appeal just only for you my appeal 
You’re so ice ice baby~ I can't take it no more~, Does she love me, does she love me not~ 
If I could~ Where you going~ Why do I feel my grip loosening 
I know I’m not the best rapper, But I got that something babe 
Throw it in the air~ You know I can’t get any better than this babe~ 
You say You say~ Can you say Can you say~ 
Hit me, hit me, hit me Hit me, hit me, hit me~ Everyday you’re all up in my head~ 
I’m a swimming fool~ Hit me hit me up~ Throw your hands up 
You’re going too fast baby I don’t know what’s wrong baby~ Don't be gone too long~ You walk so quickly~ 
Don’t stop this healing Now dive in dive in dive in dive in ooh hoo~ 
I’m like a bird~ In the air~ 
No F.U.N.You can’t give me what I want~ All you wanna do is bang bang bang bang and click, ka-ching, and take my money~ 
Daydreaming in the midst of the night You brush my thoughts and sweep my sleep away~ I miss all the times~ 
My life is so beautiful~ Whenever paradise Paradise beautiful~ 
I will follow you~ I’ll be there~ I know that it’s so hard~ 
I call you baby yeah baby’t called my happiness yeah Yeah I just want it SIMPLE SIMPLE I want it SIMPLE~ 
When I’m talking about love woo When you’re talking about love woo~ Thinking about us woo 
Tell me about it~ I’ll know uh~ My I 

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