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'The criminal cop killin' hip hop feelin' a _____'
Till I Collapse 
'Made it to the front door and ______'
One Shot 2 Shot 
'His prosthetic arm keeps crushing my _____ _____'
'I get imaginative with a mouthful of adjectives, a brain full of adverbs and a box full of ______'
Still Don't Give a F*** 
'My enemies crack corn but i don't care, you can be black white or _____ yeah'
Jimmy Crack Corn 
'It eases you mentally, gentily, sentimentally, instrumentally with ____ dementedly meant to be'
'I can't sleep, I float in the air wrapped in the sheet. I'm not a real person, I'm a _____ trapped in the beat'
Bad Meets Evil 
'These shoulders hold up so much they won't budge, I'll never fall or ______ _____'
'Guess who's back, back again, ______ is back'
Curtains Close (Skit) 
'Everything except his _______ and his training bra'
'But we was kids back then Kim, I was only ______'
'I heard him say ______ name on a song and I just lost it'
Like Toy Soldiers 
'You're only gonna be in for a rude _________'
Never Enough 
'I'm Shady, they call me as crazy as the world was with this whole _______ thing'
I'm Back 
'Put ______ _______ on a unicycle with a kickstand'
Medicine Ball 
'But what happens when ______ turns right around and bites you'
When I'm Gone 
'If they was _____, Shady lose, shady sits on the shelf'
White America 
'It all started when my mother took my bike away cause i murdered my guinea pig and stuffed him in the ________'
As the World Turns 
'Homophobic? Nah you just ______'
'Cause when I spit the verse this s*** gets worse than ______ sauce'
Crack a Bottle 

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