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Can you name the trivia about Citizen Kane?

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Forced Order
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The name of Charles' personal palace?
The price of the palace? (according to narrator)
Charles' last words?
The name of the director/producer/co-writer/lead actor?
The year it came out?
The name of Charles' second wife?
The man Charles Foster Kane is based on?
What animal takes many viewers by surprise with a loud and sudden screech?
The newspaper Charles runs?
Mr. Thatcher: 'What would you like to have been?', Charles answers:
HintAnswerAdditional comment
Complete the quote: 'Come on boys, the *blank* forever' (Young Charles)
What personal document does Charles print in his paper (kept by Jed Leland)?
The name of Charles' political adversary?
And where does Kane threaten to have him sent?
In what place did it land on AFI's 100 years...100 movies?
What form of art did Kane collect?
What did Charles' second wife do to pass the time when they were isolated in their palace?
Who was the somewhat less famous co-writer of the film. (First name only)
Name either of Charles' parents.
The only thing Charles believed in (according to Leland) was...

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