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What did Chandler have three of, and then got one removed?
How many 'moms' does Chandler say he has?
What did Emily say when Ross said i love you?
What is Phoebe's sisters name?
What was the name of the eye doctor that Monica dated?
What type of doctor did Rachel fear going to?
What did Rachel move in the apartment that Monica freaked out over?
Which friends character related themselves to a young Mr Heckles
Who does Gunther have a crush on?
What type of car does Phoebe drive?
Who plays Mike?
What happened to Monicas hair in Barbados?
Who did Monica want her haircut to look like?
What did Chandler and Joey fight over when Joey moved out?
What did Ross keep repeating when he was trying to get the couch up the stairs?
What does every episode title start with?

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