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Forced Order
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What country is Peters real dad from?
What kind of parties does Stewie have when he wears sailor suits?
When Peter breast fed Stewie, what did Stewie take out of his mouth?
How many times did the show make fun of How I Met Your Mother?
When Peter was in jail what song did the inmates make him sing and dance to?
Prom night dumpster___
What does Brian say Peter looks like during his daisy dukes phase?
When Lois calls the FCC and they cover up Peters chin, what do they think his chin looks like?
During the FCC episode they make you call what a ding a ling?
When Peter makes a lemonade stand what is the secret ingrediant in it?
When Meg becomes religious what does she throw so Brian will go and fetch it?
When Peter is in the movies what keeps eating all his popcorn?
Peter says that some of the milk in the fridge isnt milk...what is it?
What does Stewie give Brian when he has to pick up his poop?
What is the first thing that Stewie and Brian do together so they will get kicked out of the army?
What is the last thing they do?

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