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Can you name the How Well do you know Tom Brady Eats Revis Gooch??

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Left the league voluntarily due to fear of the league punishment
Who was the second member of the infamous blocked trade proposed by Cole Tempsick in 2010
Was selected as the #1 Overall Pick in 2011, 2013, and 2015
The only person to make the finals with a losing regular season record
Only player besides Antonio Brown, Odell Beckham Jr., and Julio Jones to finish in the top 10 at wide receiver in 2015 and 2016
Had the for best regular season record in league history
Is the only person to play 7 seasons and not win the title
Averages the most transactions per year (minimum 3 years)
Wanted for 'Trade Rape'
Has Drafted Fred Jackson 3 times
Spent one year in the league under the team name 'AaronHernandez TeamShower'
Drafted Devonta Freeman 9th overall in 2016
Who has the worst career regular season record (points tiebreaker)
Has the most career transactions
Has Drafted Todd Gurley twice
Has had the most #1 seeds (3)
The only person to average 110 ppg 3 times
Is the only person to win multiple championships
Has had the 2nd most #1 seeds (2)
Their first ESPN account was under the name 'Rodrigo Alonso'
Went from First to Worst
Spent one year in the league under the team name 'Chunky Prostitutes'
Is 0-3 in finals
Won the title in the first season
Has the most career trades
Won the League in 2012
Ran the Beer Mile
Who has the longest win streak in a season (including playoffs)
Drafted Aaron Rodgers 1st Overall in 2012
The only current member of the league to never make the 2nd round of the playoffs
Was the name of the league for two years when Revis was not on the Jets (2013-2014)
Went from a win to a tie when Drew Brees took a knee to end the game
The premier rivalry in the league (last name and last name)
Was not in the league the first year, but went to the draft to eat the food
Was suspended from the league for 1 year

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