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Show revolves around this AWESOME man
Loyal friend to Jack; CTU Computer Analyst
Former CTU Agent that seeked revenge after his wife's assassination; Was going to be a father
Daughter of Jack; Former CTU Agent
First President on the show; Assassinated
Former CTU Director; Died saving President Taylor's life
Wife of Tony; Immune to the virus
Advisor to Presidents, esp. David; Short old man
Worked for Department of Defense for her father; Got kidnapped by the Chinese as a plot for them to get to Jack
Loyal Secret Service Agent; Gets together with Martha Logan
Brother of David; Becomes President
Former CTU Field Agent; Killed by Jack to prevent information from being loss
Wife of David; Has special ways to get information
Former President; Betrayed the USA
Current President; Female
FBI Female Field Agent; Learns torture is sometimes ok
One of Chloe's best friends; Died of Nerve gas
Former CTU Agent that betrayed everyone; Killed Teri
Advisor to President Taylor; very close relationship with Allison
Former Homeland Security Director; Married Bill
Husband of Chloe; Armed nukes for the enemies
Former CTU Agent; Took a bullet for his love, Nadia
Former CTU Director; Flew plane that had nuclear bomb
Sister of Marie; Gets together with Jack briefly
Wife of Jack; Killed by Nina
Karen Hayes' 'enemy'; Advisor to the President
CTU Field Agent; Gets hand chopped off due to being attached to the virus
Wife of President Logan; Gets together with Aaron
Former CTU Agent; Dislikes women, esp. Chloe and Kim
Former worker of CTU District; Killed by Jack to prevent the virus from being released
FBI Computer Analyst; Competes with Chloe
Former Secretary of Defense; Father of Audrey
Former FBI Field Agent; Loves Renee
Kidnaps Kim; Later helps Kim and her mother escape
Advisor to President Palmer; Locked up by Mike to prevent her from talking
Former President; Sherry-influenced
Set off Nuclear weapon through a rocket; Stole the 'Football'
Daughter of President Taylor; Sent to prison for murder
Son of Victor; Killed by former girlfriend
Terrorist; Strangled with a chain by Jack
Russian President; Good friends with Martha
Former Vice President; Had a 'thing' with his advisor
Former CTU Agent; First to be infected with the virus
Sister of Kate; Terrorist
Former CTU Director; Responsible for Jack's expulsion from CTU
Son of David; Killed man who raped his sister
Chinese man; Kidnapped Audrey
Husband of President Taylor; Investigated son's murder
Son in Araz family; Kills father
Communicates with Jamey at CTU; In charge of the kidnapping of Kim and Teri
Former CTU Agent; Falsely accused
Jack imprisoned him; Jack helps him get a hold of the virus
Brother of Ramon; Helps get Ramon and Jack back as friends
Father of Marie and Kate; Owner of a company
Sister-in-Law to Jack; Saved by Milo Pressman
Former CTU Agent; Liked Nadia
Mother in Araz family; Helps Jack find her husband
Doctor who recieves body infected with virus; Name is a synoynm for bright
Former CTU Agent; Betrayed them and Curtis esp.

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