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Which monster's ATK is the sum of the ATK of the two monsters tributed for it?
What does Kevin burn in 'Kevin cooks stuff in the office'?
What is the name of the main female character in Suite Life on Deck?
What is the most deceiving hand in poker?
Name a pokemon-themed Rubik's cube method.
What is the sprint button on FIFA?
Other than Dinnerbone, what name must you use to flip a mod upside down?
What does Lennie ask George for on his beans?
Where is Tituba from?
What is the first name of the person known to take many photos in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets?
What is HM07?
What was the name of the horse that was killed in animal farm?
What is Mr. Skinner's first name?
How many seconds is the 3x3 world record average?
Which card requires you to correctly guess the lowest monster card in the graveyard?
Which digimon do Wargreymon and and Metalgarurumon fuse to become?

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