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What is the number 26 pokemon in the National pokedex?
Other than Manchester United, what was the first team David Beckham played for?
Who was the first one to think Mr.Brown was dead?
What is Karen's surname in the Office?
If a redstone block could be used to make redstone armour (assuming same recipes), how much redstone dust is needed to make a full set of redstone armour?
What is Russ Tyler's signature shot?
What team does Graham Dorrans play for?
What is the most recently added enchantment?
Who is the owner of Hokey's?
What is the first name of the person Walden dates when he pretends to be poor?
Who likes chocolate milk, potatoes, hot rod bunnies and cereal?
Whose birthday did Harry, Ron and Hermione attend on Halloween?
What is the name of the monster you get when you fuse together any five Dragon-type monsters?
What language is the text on the ring?
What was the funniest looking dog in top trumps?
What card should have Kevin added to his deck following the addition of the two new cards Michael gave him?

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