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Can you name the american states by its appearance in Stephen Fry in America?

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What Stephen did...StateNickname
Visiting a ghost town in the home of Smallville and Dorothy
Visiting Monument Valley
Ice-hole fishing, and meeting the Hmong
Eating at a restaurant run by former addicts and the homeless
Visiting the Great/Continental Divide
Debating the meaning of 'Hoosier'
Attending a Veteran's Day commemoration at the National Cemetery
Witnessing the March Powwow in the home of South Park
Creating an Oscar in the shadow of a former 'world's tallest building'
Visiting the Crazy Horse monument
Attending the annual Iron Bowl game
Visiting The Henry Ford museum
Enjoying a Starbucks coffee before leaving mainland USA
Brief stop between New Jersey and Pennsylvania
Researching Transcendental Meditation at M.U.M.
Eating in a Germanic restaurant in a capital named after a great German
Playing a cowboy in the heat of the desert
Eating chicken whilst travelling towards Washington D.C.
Visiting the 49th Parallel
Finding the Mason-Dixon Line before venturing down a coal mine
Making his own flavour of Ben and Jerry's ice cream
Campaigning for the 'primary' primary with Mitt Romney
Thanksgiving with plantation estate owners
Assistant Duck Master for a day at the Peabody Hotel
Meeting Italian-Americans in a social club
What Stephen did...StateNickname
Visiting the site of the Manhattan Project
Making cheese, and meeting the Amish
Looking for whales at northernmost America
Swimming with dolphins
Hunting for Bigfoot
Meeting Abraham Lincoln at a famous battlefield
Lobstering in Passamaquoddy Bay
Sailing in one of the oldest America's Cup yachts in the world
Visiting a legalised brothel
Tracking down Cannabis farmers
Humming a Neil Young song of the same name
Visiting Morgan Freeman's blues club, Ground Zero
Working in the Trump Taj Mahal Casino
Visiting a replica of the Mayflower ship
Canoeing on the Mississippi
Hitching a ride with a trucker on I-80
Meeting a member of the Gullah people in Forrest Gump-country
Patrolling the border with vigilantes
Celebrating Mardi Gras
Sampling Woodford Reserve whisky
Attending a junior rodeo
Exploring the Springfield submarine
Sledding with huskies
Hot-air ballooning over the birthplace of aviation
Flying over lava fields

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