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'There's a part of me you'll never know, the only thing i'll never show'
'I've exposed your lies, baby, the underneath's no big surprise'
'I'm sick of feeling my soul, to people who'll never know'
'Pure hearts stumble, in my hands they crumble'
'Come ride with me through the veins of history'
'This means nothing to me, 'cause you are nothing to me'
'Shame on you for thinking, you're an exception'
'It's bugging me, grating me, and twisting me around'
'You could be my (song title), choice to live my life extended'
'Your golden lies feed my role, in this forgotten space race under my control'
'Is your secret safe tonight, and are we out of sight?'
'Declare this an emergency, come on and spread a sense of urgency'
'War is overdue, the time has come for you'
'Don't kid yourself, and don't fool yourself'
'I'm hurting you again, too lonely to pretend'
'You and me are the same, we don't know or care who's to blame'
'Change everything you are, and everything you were'
'Leave me alone, it's nothing serious'
'Everything about you is how I want to be, your freedom comes naturally'
'Follow through, make your dreams come true'
'H 8 is the one for me, it gives me all I need'
'I can't remember when it was good'
'Ooh baby don't you know I suffer, ooh baby can you hear me moan?'
'It's happening soon, it's happening soon'
'Come on into my life, regress into a dream'
Opening LyricsSongAlbum
'You're so happy now, burning a candle at both ends'
'Paranoia is in bloom, PR transmissions will resume'
'Corrupt, you corrupt, bring corruption to all that you touch'
'Too late, yeah baby it's too late,time has made the spell obey'
'Far away, this ship is taking me far away'
'Who cares for the life we've earned?'
'Conforming on a monday, too often and too cold'
'It's gonna be ok, can't afford another day, at 50 bytes per second'
'Eerie whispers, trapped beneath my pillow, won't let me sleep your memories'
'Paradise comes at a price, that I am not willing to pay'
'Throw it all away, let's lose ourselves'
'So here it is again, rape and pillage proves, to win the public vote'
'Come waste your millions here, secretly she sneers'
'Break me in, teach us to cheat, and to lie, and cover up, what shouldn't be shared'
'I think I'm drowning, asphyxiated, I wanna break this spell, that you've created'
'Royal Canadian blended, the spicy aroma had mended me'
'Controlling my feelings for too long, controlling my feelings for too long'
'They'll laugh as they watch us fall, the lucky don't care at all'
'Ignorance pulls, apostasy and apathy still rules, yeah you know it's cool'
'The wavelength gentle grows, coercive notions re-evolve, a universe is trapped is trapped inside a tear'
'I won't stand in your way, let your hatred grow'
'She had something to confess to, but you don't have the time, so look the other way'
'When these pillars get pulled down, it will be you who wears the crown, i'll owe everything to you'
'Lips are turning blue, a kiss that can't renew, I only dream of you, my beautiful'
'Link it to the world, link it to yourself, stretch it like a birth squeeze'

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