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Of what origin is the 'adopted' Corleone, Tom Hagen?
What position does Hagen hold in the Family, until Don Michael replaces him with an ailing Vito?
And what is the most accurate English translation of this term?
What is the name of the champion horse which is decapitated?
Who is the actor/singer who benefits from the death of the horse?
What are the names of Don Vito's original two Caporegimes?
How does Genco Abbandando, the Don's first Consigliori, die?
From where does the last name of the Corleone Family originate?
What is the name of the local 'protector' shot by Vito in his first (mentioned) murder?
What is the profession of Amerigo Bonasera, who comes to Vito for a favour on the day of the Don's daughter's wedding?
What two items are used to convey the information that Luca Brasi is dead?
And who announces that 'Luca Brasi is sleeping on the bottom of the ocean'?
Who asks for American citizenship at the wedding of Connie and Carlo?
What is the name of Don Vito's Olive Oil company?
Who is responsible for the betrayal and consequent shooting of Santino 'Sonny' Corleone?
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What is the nickname of Virgil Sollozzo, who proposes the offer which results in the shooting of Don Vito Corleone?
And what feature of Sollozzo's anatomy earnt him this name?
Why does Vito move back to Corleone for a short time?(In the flashback in part 2 of the film trilogy)
Who breaks Michael Corleone's jaw outside the hospital where Don Vito is undergoing treatment?
What is the name of the Casino owner who refuses to allow the Corleone Family to buy him out?
Who takes the place of Paulie Gatto as chief hitman following his betrayal and subsequent murder?
What is the name of Michael Corleone's long time American girlfriend?
Which are the main two rival families in the plotline of the book/first film?
What is the name of the girl with whom Sonny Corleone has sex at his sister's wedding?
What is Frederico 'Fredo' Corleone doing when he is killed by Al Neri
Who is murdered by Corleone assassins in response to the attempted murder of Don Vito?
What controversial news does Michael reveal during his Father's birthday?
What fruit does Don Vito use to (at first unsuccessfully) amuse his grandson Anthony?
How does the patriarch of the Corleone Family eventually die?
Which medals were awarded to Michael following his military service?

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