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Can you determine which pairs of these events related to Chinese history occurred first? (A or B)

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This... (A)First...or This (B)
Ming DynastyQing Dynasty
Nanking MassacreBattle of Shanghai
Mukden IncidentLong March
Transfer of sovereignty over MacauTransfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong
Emperor Gaozu DiesSuicide of Xiang Yu
Xinhai RevolutionBoxer Rebellion
Sichuan EarthquakeBeijing Summer Olympics
People's Republic of China proclaimedChiang Kai-shek flees to Taiwan
Death of Sun Yat-SenBirth of Jiang Zemin
Communist Party of China foundedMay Fourth Movement
Journey to the West writtenRomance of the Three Kingdoms written
Xi'an IncidentMarco Polo Bridge Incident
Battle of Red CliffsBattle of Guandu
Yuan Shikai abandons the Empire of ChinaEmperor Puyi abdicates
Deng Xiaoping becomes Paramount LeaderOne-child policy adopted
Quotations from Chairman Mao publishedCultural Revolution launched
Xinjiang Autonomous Region establishedTibet Autonomous Region established
Xi Jinping succeeds Hu JintaoCY Leung succeeds Donald Tsang
Warring States PeriodSpring and Autumn Period
Zheng He begins his treasure voyagesForbidden City opens

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