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Famous and very expensive early workstation/sampler
First affordable (generally speaking) digital synthesizer
First synthesizer with writable patch storage
First compact and 'affordable' monophonic synthizer
Very successful synthesizer workstation released in 1988
Mid 1980s, single DCO, affordable Roland polysynth
Yamaha's early, very heavy and expensive analog polysynth
Synthesizer famous for Digital Native Dance and Pizzagogo patches
Famous monosynth with optional handgrip and multiple color options
First wave table synthesiszer
1994 synthesizer that introduced the phrase virtual analogl
Normally you don't want to catch anything, but many happy owners have 'caught' this synthesizer
'Blue Monday' drum machine
Not a synthesizer, but arguably one the most famous synthesizer chips
A synthesizer mostly ignored on release, now so famous there's been a documentary on it

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