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Who was the first dark type pokemon in the 5th Gen?
In which town do you obtain Old Amber in the 1st Gen?
Who was the first ice/flying type pokemon?
Which pokemon learns Fly upon evolution in the 3rd Gen?
Which pokemon is the only pokemon whose name begins with 'X'?
Which pokemon has the 'Air Lock' ability?
Who is the only pokemon that can learn the move 'Judgement'?
Who is the only bug/water type pokemon in all generations?
Which pokemon are said to gather and dance under the full moon?
What city must you Dive to get to?
In what year was the first pokemon game released in Japan?
Which pokemon is known as the Time Travel pokemon?
Who is the only rock/dark type pokemon in all the generations?
Who is the only pokemon that can learn Mist Ball by leveling up?
Which pokemon gym leader gives you the Relic Badge?

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